Victoria Road, Northenden, Manchester M22 4JP

Registered Charity No: 1175846

Current location

Please note :Victoria Road is a one way system from Longley Lane to Palatine Road. 


The current  theatre is on the right hand side of the road just before Palatine Road

Northenden Players Theatre are currently performing at the Methodist Church, Victoria Road, Northenden, Manchester M22 4JP

We will be moving to our new theatre on Church Rd,

Northenden in the new year.

Should you require more information about the theatre

Do you have a skill that you can put to good use or do you want to learn a new one?

In the theatre we have a team of people working who would be only pleased for you to join them for as little or as much time as you can spare

This doesn’t just mean appearing on stage, which isn’t for everyone, but you can get involved in many other ways e.g.

Marketing & Admin

Front of House

Costumes Design/Sewing



Box Office

Prompting/Back Stage Crew



and of course


Set Construction

Hair/Make Up