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Our award winning theatre club is currently located in the Methodist Church Hall on Victoria Road, Northenden, and has been in existence for 75 years.

for outstanding teamwork

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Our next play is...

by Joseph Kesserling

December  10th - 16th

Directed by  Mary Dillon

WINNERS of the GMDF 2017

Adjudicators Award

as displayed by the cast

Twitter @NPTCPlayers


Congratulations to Sarah Smith

who was the winner of the weekend for two in Llandudno.

Photos from Bedside Manners

There are no performances on Monday evenings

All other performances start at 7.30pm

Northenden Players Theatre Club

Sunday’s performance starts at 7pm

BIG THANK YOU to all who participated in the raffle which raised £716 for our ‘Raise the Roof’ project .

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