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Congratulations to Tom Chinnery, on winning the GMDF 2018 Best Supporting Actor Award for his role of several characters in “Ladies’ Day”

Our last play of the season when a group of Ladies from a fish processing plant in Hull, decide to have a day at York races.

 The fish filleting foursome Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda set out on a day they will all remember, and so will their audiences.

Full of Yorkshire humour, this production written by Amanda Whittington was a great way to finish what has been a great season of plays.

Shelley’s Tip of the Day to the TV pundit, “Don’t mix your drinks” with many more memorable one liners during the play, had the audience laughing throughout the production.

Eating Pizza Quattro Stagioni, Chicken Korma, whilst drinking Champagne and Coke and listening to Tony Christie, sadly will never be the same again.

Anyone who didn’t see this this production missed a great night’s entertainment.

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Ladies’ Day photos…

Sunday’s performance starts at 7pm

Work is underway in converting the old library into our

new theatre. As you can see from the photographs there is much hard work to do before we can open for business.

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Our intention is to hold at least the first two plays of the new season at our current venue and hopefully be ready for December’s play in the new theatre.

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This amateur production of “The Dresser” is presented by kind permission of SAMUEL FRENCH LTD

September 2nd-8th

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this will be at our current venue Victoria Rd